I Actually WANT To Get Married And I’m Tired Of People Saying These 13 Things When They Find Out

Marriage has always been a major life goal of mine. Whenever I started dating someone in the past, I’d often explain that I was looking for long-term commitment leading to marriage. However, the biggest thing I’ve learned is that a lot of people don’t respect that as a goal, and they have no issue giving their two cents on the matter. Frankly, I’m sick of hearing these things just because I want to tie the knot:



1. “Why do you want to get married so badly anyway? Why can’t you just be happy on your own?”

 This is one of those things that always feels like a slap in the face because, in all honesty, it is one. You don’t ever hear anyone tell someone who’s trying to conceive that they shouldn’t want a kid. You don’t ever hear anyone deriding someone’s desire to go to college, get a job, or volunteer for a non-profit, either. Why? Because it’s insanely rude to do. Don’t tell me I shouldn’t want something; you have no right to make that call in my life.


2. “You’re desperate.” 

Just because a woman has marriage as a life goal doesn’t mean she’s desperate. I hear this one a lot due to my decision to marry my friend, but honestly, it’s not a matter of desperation for me. I have enough respect to marry someone who respects me, rather than to dance around like a needy puppy in a dating pool that’s more like a septic tank than anything else.

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Written by OIBRAHIM

The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one's destiny to do, and then do it."

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