Meet The Former Flight Attendant Whose Lavish Lifestyle Will Leave You Speechless

Former flight attendant Jamie Chua boasts more than 200 Hermes bags. The Singapore resident and 42 year old mother-of-two Jamie, is a socialite and skincare entrepreneur who hit the headlines when she married Indonesian multi-millionaire Nurdian Cuaca after meeting him as he travelled in business class.

And since they married she’s set about amassing an impressive collection of bags worth millions.  With prices starting at £8,000 for a Birkin, her collection is worth at least £1.6M and possibly much more, when rare pieces that can fetch up to £40,000 are taken into account.

During their divorce in 2011 Jamie demanded and won $332,000 a month,enough to pay for luxuries such as refurbishing the walk-in closet where her collection of Hermes and Chanel bags reside,Daily Mail reports.

The former couple share two children Cleveland, 21, and Calista, 17, but Jamie could easily pass for her daughter’s slightly older sister despite being in her 40s.

She maintains her very youthful appearance by spending almost £8,000 on beauty treatments a month, including hair, nails, massages, facials and a cryosculpting treatment twice weekly to maintain her slim figure.

She never wears the same dress twice and has two full-time maids who help her take her Instagram shots.

Here are her photos:

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