Queen Chanel of Iwoland Explains Why She Wears A Crown

Queen Chanel Chin, is the wife of Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi. Born in Toronto, Canada, Queen Chanel’s dream of coming to Africa was fulfilled when she got married to the Oluwo and settled in Nigeria.

However, one distinct thing about her is that she wears a crown and this has formed so many discussions especially when many queens in Yorubaland don’t wear one.

So, in a chat with Femi Makinde of Punch, Queen Chanel tells why she wears a crown.

She said,

I feel great wearing a crown because it brings awareness to our history. Our great progenitor, Oduduwa, and his wife, Olokun wore their crowns.  So, it is not a strange thing that I wear a crown. Oduduwa crowned his queen. Oduduwa’s wife sculpture in Ife is there and there is a crown on her head.

Oduduwa came from the East and all of their queens there wore crowns in the old time. Cleopatra wore crown and Oduduwa’s wife, Olokun, was the first to wear a crown. So, I feel very honoured to bring that back. There is nothing new or strange about it but it is just a way of bringing back our history.

People don’t need to look  at it as a strange thing. But they should just ask, was the wife of Oduduwa crowned by Oduduwa? If she was crowned by Oduduwa then, why don’t the present day kings allow their queens to wear crowns? If Oduduwa crowned his queen, then there is nothing wrong if the queens of today also wear crown like I do.

There are historical facts as well as archaeological findings that confirm this. These ancient queens, who wore crowns were not regents but queens and Oduduwa’s queen did. This is confirmed at the Ife Museum by the professor there. There is an archaeological finding that confirms this at Ife Museum.

The picture of this archaeological evidence was presented to Kabiyesi by Prof. Ogunfowokan and it is in our palace. I will give you the photograph to confirm this. Oluwo is doing this to underscore the important position of women and I think he should be supported.

This will give opportunity to women, that women should be given their due recognition. If our progenitor could crown his queen, why are we stopping queens from wearing crown now?

I have my separate set of crowns. I don’t wear his crowns. We don’t share crowns. We don’t have the same size of head, the shapes are also slightly different. But I can’t wear the ancient crown. That one is meant for Kabiyesi alone. I wear the modern crowns but I cannot wear the ancient crown, that one is exclusive to him.

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